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“USP<800> & DSCSA: Everything you need to know to be complaint”

Modern day pharmacy operations require organizations to comply with many different regulations.  As of December 1st, USP<800> Managing Hazardous Drugs in A Healthcare Settings went into effect which requires healthcare facilities to identify and assess the risk of hazardous drugs (HD) and their potential impact on healthcare workers exposed to HDs.  Additionally, current requirements are in effect for healthcare facilities to comply with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) including the requirement for tracing the full transaction history of every medication that passes through your pharmacy.  Achieving compliance is only getting more urgent and failure to comply is not an option. But fully aligning pharmacy operations with the requirements of these regulations can be done efficiently. Join us for a one-hour webinar, and learn how you can achieve and maintain compliance while saving time and protecting your facility, patients and staff.

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USP<800> Hazardous Drugs – Handling in Healthcare Setting

Effective December 1st, 2019 the USP <800> will become enforceable under law, designed to protect healthcare providers when dealing with hazardous drugs.   

If you have any part of the drug supply chain in healthcare, you are impacted by USP <800>.  From receiving at the loading dock, storing, manipulating, administering and disposal of hazardous drugs you need to learn what your responsibilities are under this law.  

Join us for this free 45-minute webinar where we will walk through breaking down the roles and responsibilities of the various tasks, tables, and levels of best practices on hazardous drugs and how RXTransparent can help to ease this burden for you. 

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FDA’s Interoperable DSCSA Pilot Program

Earlier this year, the FDA asked the life sciences and healthcare industry to design and deliver pilot projects that could define the future of the Interoperable Drug Supply Chain as defined by the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). 

The anchor point of the pilot is focused on the DSCSA’s intent to enable interoperability which requires collaboration amongst participants from manufacturers to wholesalers to dispensers, including transportation, environmental and patients.

Several industry innovators including RXTransparent, Systech, T-Systems, FarmaTrust, CryptoWerk, and CalQLogic responded as a team to the FDA’s request and submitted an Optimal Solution approach that would:

  1. Not only meet the regulatory requirements, but
  2. Identify and showcase opportunities to deliver additional value and benefit to healthcare stakeholders beyond mandated regulatory compliance.  These opportunities include:
  • Utilizing a digital e-Fingerprinting® layer of security to create an immutable track and trace ledger that improves visibility
  • IOT and Cold Chain data capture and how to leverage information for additional consumer insight and engagement
  • How we can leverage blockchain as the underlying infrastructure to enable interoperability, data sharing, and data access

Join us for a panel discussion of our team’s innovative approach to the future of the US drug supply chain along with the challenges that need to be overcome, the innovations that can be leveraged, and the results that can be achieved through a collaborative approach.

Our panel discussion will be moderated by Bob Celeste, Founder, Center for Supply Chain Studies. Joining Bob are:

  • Dwight deVera, CEO, The Forerunner Group / RXTransparent
  • James Sabogal, Head of Healthcare/Life Sciences, T-Systems
  • Peter Ebert, SVP Sales, and Business Development, Cryptowerk
  • Swamy Narayanaswamy, Chief Technology Officer/Co-Founder, CalQLogic, Inc.
  • Peter Bryant, Chief Operating Officer, FarmaTrust
  • Joe Lipari, Director of Cloud Products, Systech

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DSCSA is More Than Just Track and Trace

One of the primary objectives of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act is to protect US consumers from counterfeit or suspect pharmaceutical drugs.   Often times DSCSA is associated with pharmaceutical track and trace but this webinar will focus on the other aspects of the ACT that your organization needs to be aware of including: 

  • Vendor Verification.
    • Ensure the vendors you do business are registered and licensed in good standings.  
  • Conducting an investigation   
    • Reporting on an incident with specific and concise language on when, how and where to report drug product when you encounter a potentially suspect, illegitimate or counterfeit. 
  • Responding to product tracing inquiries
    • Having the capability to track and trace pharmaceuticals from manufacturer to dispensing location within 48 hours 

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USP800 Made Simple

On Dec 1st, Compliance with USP800 guidelines goes into effect for organizations that receive, handle, and administer hazardous drugs (HD).  Full understanding of the guidelines, policies, procedures, and systems necessary for compliance are in place. As the deadline draws near many organizations are just beginning the process of looking for solutions.  This webinar is an overview of the USP800 guidelines, and requirements, and previews what we are doing to help our customers get ahead of this important regulation designed to protect healthcare providers as they endeavor to complete their critical patient care mission.

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Value Beyond Compliance 

Join Roger Saumure, CEO/Founder of Dyadis LLC and Dwight deVera, CEO/Founder of RXTransparent for this podcast style webinar.

November marks the half way point in the Drug Supply Chain Security Act’s (DSCSA) 10-year implementation time-line, and the deadline for manufacturers to provide the new 2D barcodes on their products, starting the serialization phase of the DSCSA.

Serialization is the DSCSA key to unlocking outside value beyond simple compliance. Join Roger and Dwight as they discuss the new and exciting values beyond “simple” compliance enabled by serialization:

  • Ease to pin-point drug recalls
  • Cost savings due to less expired product
  • Transparency and ease in locating critical drugs in the supply chain
  • Next level of transparency from manufacturer to provider

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DSCSA Compliant by January

Review a detailed plan on how to get your facility DSCSA compliant by January 1.  Also featured the latest innovations in the RXTransparent platform including support for resupplying first responders and enhanced borrow and loan functionality.   

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The Internet of Things and DSCSA 

The secure healthcare drug supply chain defined by DSCSA is halfway to full implementation and as solutions providers, it is incumbent on us to look ahead.  One rapidly growing trend is the integration of product status information within the US drug supply chain using the Internet of Things (IoT) for real-time alerts from Cold Chain, Track and Trace and Theft protection. Join us for a discussion between Dwight deVera, founder and CEO of RXTransparent, and Jim Sabogal of T-Systems to chat about the future of the US drug supply chain and the upcoming integration of IoT monitoring of pharmaceuticals leading to Blockchain.

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Healthcare is More Than Just Hospitals: DSCSA For Alternative Sites 

The supply chain security requirements of DSCSA spread well beyond the walls of traditional hospitals and as the delivery of healthcare expands to alternative sites the supporting solutions need to expand and adapt as well.  Working closely with the nation’s leading GPO’s the RXTransparent team has tailored its platform to accommodate the needs and the budgets of healthcare facilities beyond the hospital setting.  Listen to our recording where we address DSCSA compliance and challenges outside of the hospital setting and demonstrate how big health systems solutions can be adapted to alternative sites.

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Rationalizing The Healthcare Supply Chain

Dwight deVera Founder and CEO of RXTransparent and Andy Perry Founder and CEO of Curvo labs will be presenting a webinar on the benefits of an integrated supply chains strategy in healthcare. They will be reviewing where the pharma supply chain and materials supply chain differ and overlap, and how by utilizing analytics and integrated strategy it will be possible to lower overall spend in both supply chains.

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DSCSA Regulatory Update

This webinar will provide an update on the Drug Supply Chain Security Act and what is to be expected in the upcoming months.

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Breaking Down the Anatomy of a Drug Shortage

This webinar will provide a real world perspective on the use of Analytics in the pharmacy industry. RXTransparent will be demonstrating the features of our analytics platform including recalls, shortages, controlled substances, and more!

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DSCSA 1st Quarter Update

RXTransparent will be providing an overview of what has been going on in the world of DSCSA since the start of the new year. Join us for an update on the latest FDA meeting in relation to DSCSA.

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DSCSA and Blockchain 

RXTransparent and Systech are presenting an approach to define the pharmaceutical blockchain for healthcare.  This webinar will attempt to address the poignant questions in the industry surrounding how blockchain may be the answer to the interoperable system, as well as data governance, data privacy, scalability, and discussing limitations of blockchain as a technology for the supply chain.

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Analytics and VPI in the Pharmacy

This webinar discusses how pharmacy analytics can help healthcare organizations optimize their spending through purchase planning and demand forecasting.  Developing a Virtual  Perpetual Inventory system can optimize pharmacy resources.

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DSCSA Planning 2018

This webinar takes a look back at what steps have been taken and the next steps in 2018 in becoming compliant for the DSCSA.

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Drug Supply Chain on Blockchain

This podcast interview between CEO Dwight deVera and Bob Celeste Founder of the Center For Supply Chain Studies, discusses utilizing blockchain technology for DSCSA.  Blockchain is one of the hottest topics in technology today, but understanding how the technology will apply in healthcare is still very limited.  This event will provide a high-level overview of how blockchain will be applied within the US Drug Supply Chain, the possible configurations of Healthcare Supply Chains utilizing blockchain technology and how blockchain can serve as the foundation to enable new innovations in the Healthcare industry.

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DSCSA – Step by Step

Join us for this 45-minute DSCSA webinar where will provide a step by step guide for Compliance, providing valuable information for your pharmacy and how to address 340B, Infusion Centers, and managing multiple affiliates within your system.

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In-depth Guide to DSCSA

This webinar does an overview of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA.)  Learn the roles and responsibilities of manufacturers, distributors, dispensaries and pharmacies.  What products are included and excluded, what are the pros and cons and what is yet to be implemented.

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Navigating Recall and Shortages

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Deep Insights into Pharmacy Analytics

The biggest driver of healthcare cost increases can be attributed to drug supply purchases.  Often times, these purchasing processes are analogous to the buying process of commodities (such as linens, gloves, containers, etc).  The missing component to making the drug supply purchasing within a pharmacy efficient is pharmacy analytics.

Insight into purchasing patterns can be garnered along side data that is already being captured for DSCSA Compliance through invoice data.  Coupling this data along with the CorePharma repository of drugs can provide an incredible source of information that will help you save money and time within the pharmacy.

This webinar is the showcase of how Drug Supply data through RXTransparent can be leverage to highlight inefficiencies and lower total healthcare pharmacy spend.

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Borrow, Trade, Sell, Return – Keeping Track of Pedigrees


Borrow, Trade, Return and Sell are all issues that can impact the chain of custody for drugs.  DSCSA compliance mandates that this is critical to maintaining pedigree data for dispensaries.  Our technologically advanced track and trace platform RXTransparent, utilizes pharmaceutical expertise in making this easy to manage for facilities.  This technology is vital for transparency in pedigrees.

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DSCSA for Dispensers Catching Up

RXTransparent is a leading Healthcare Supply Chain Integrity platform and the only DSCSA Compliance solution focusing on the needs of providers.  RXTransparent provides insight and transparency beyond the initial healthcare facility loading dock/delivery point and out to final dispensing points.  Attendees of this 45 minute webinar will learn how RXTransparent addresses actual clinical practices e.g. Borrow and Trade, 340B, Repackaging, and manual paper pedigree tracking and learn how we have become a recommended standard for DSCSA with many of the nations most admired Healthcare Group Purchasing Organizations.

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Healthcare Supply Chain Security – Beyond DSCSA

The passage of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) has forced pharmaceutical manufacturers, drug distributors, and dispenser/providers to become cognizant of counterfeit products from an identification, and track and trace perspective.  This 45 minute webinar will be a forward looking projection of how the fundamental concepts of DSCSA will impact the broader healthcare industry from an accountability and supply chain transparency perspective.  We will review how new technology and practices related to serialized drug product and block chain will portend a new age of accountability in Healthcare Supply that will enable new insights into fraud mitigation, waste identification, and overall lower healthcare delivery costs.

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Protection Against the High Cost of Critical Drug Shortages

Critical drug shortages are a reality. It’s a problem that won’t disappear. At RXTransparent, we’re not interested in further defining the problem. What motivates us is ensuring that your organization is never a victim. In this webinar we introduced RXTransparent Shortage, a proactive way to protect your healthcare facility against the high cost critical drug shortages.

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We are in the process of continuing our thought leadership webinar series... more to come!