Address the upcoming DSCSA mandates simply and efficiently without undue burden of use.

RXTransparent is ahead of the regulation.

In addition to fast, easy compliance with the DSCSA, RXTransparent is also preparing for the upcoming DSCSA mandates that begin to take effect in 2017 and require full implementation by 2023. This includes serialization.

What does serialization actually mean?

Serialization will require healthcare organizations to significantly mature their supply chain processes, accommodating a more complex and completely serialized drug transaction pedigree with additional capabilities to certify supply chain counterparties.

What information will be tracked?

Currently the DSCSA requires tracking of the following drug pedigree data: manufacturer, NDC, product, form, strength, package, lot and quantity. When serialization is implemented, additional information that will be required via a 2D barcode on every drug product, includes but is not limited to: manufacturing date, order date, manufacturing temperature, storage temperature, order number, line, job, quality OEE, catch weight, packaging and carrier.

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