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What you need to know to implement RXTransparent Compliance solution and facilitate seamless integration.


How does RXTransparent work?

Data feeds from each customer’s pharmaceutical suppliers provide the invoice and shipment and historical information.  This information is available via a web-based application that provides the functionality necessary for compliance, analytics, and other critical functions.

What types of data transmissions are utilized in RXTransparent?

Pharmaceutical supply-chain information may be sent to RXTransparent via several methods including by VAN (for EDI formatted data), SFTP, and others.  We also expect to implement and utilize the EPCIS as defined by GS1 as future regulations increase the level of complexity of future transmissions.

What technology does RXTransparent leverage to make this happen?

RXTransparent is built on the following technologies:

  • Database: RXTransparent uses a Microsoft SQL Server database that runs on a failover hardware cluster and resides in the Rackspace data center behind a hardened high-availability hardware firewall. Tenant-based design ensures that data can only be accessed by authorized parties.
  • Services: RXTransparent is built on a .NET micro-service architecture, which runs in an Amazon Web Services environment and connects to the database via a direct-connect VPN. This architecture facilitates enterprise-level scaling, while keeping client data isolated and secure.
  • User Experience: RXTransparent leverages modern-day web libraries such as Google’s Angular and Material Design to provide a user experience that is rich, responsive, and intuitive.
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Is RXTransparent HIPAA Compliant?

RXTransparent does not receive or retain HIPAA related data and therefore is not required to be HIPAA compliant.

Is RXTransparent secure?

RXTransparent leverages the latest in software engineering best-practices and data encryption to ensure the security of customer data.  In addition, customer data is isolated to the SQL Server cluster in the Rackspace environment.  Only the data necessary for current application usage is transmitted to the micro-service environment and then to the user.

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What technology infrastructure is required to use RXTransparent?

RXTransparent is a cloud-based application and runs on any internet-connected device capable of running a modern browser.  No other technical infrastructure is required.

How much technical effort is required to implement RXTransparent?

There is no technical effort required for the customer.  The RXTransparent Implementation Team will establish the automated data transmissions with each vendor.


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