A Drug Shortage Early Warning System

The Shortage module, specific to the RXTransparent platform, is capable of pinpointing alternatives to any drug product and can even identify affected products in the same therapeutic class. Additionally, if the drug shortage is caused by a manufacturing problem with an active ingredient, Shortage will predict comparable products that might also become short.

While constantly monitoring the industry trends and history of drug shortages, we synchronize this data with your purchase patterns and deliver specific notifications about your exposure to any given drug shortage.

Drug shortages are a patient safety issue.  There are proven cases of increased mortality due to a limited nationwide supply of critical drug products and delays in patient care.  Drug shortages increase the potential for error, delays in treatment, and can ultimately compromise care.  Moreover, drug shortages have a significant impact on the financial performance of a healthcare institution due to high prices and the need to purchases certain shorted drug products at any cost.

The RXTransparent early warning system for drug shortages is a component of the Analytics platform that actively notifies customers of new drug shortages via email and the RXTransparent Compliance mobile application platform.  The team at RXTransparent produces a Risk-Adjusted Index of potentially shorted drug products for each customers’ formulary.   

RXTransparent’s Risk Adjusted Drug Shortage Index references:

  • Previous drug shortage history
  • Active ingredient shortages
  • Inactive ingredient shortages
  • Product form and packaging
  • Substitute product shortages
  • Drug recalls
  • Other industry criteria

If you would like to see the video presentation or a live demo of the Shortage module,
please contact us at 646-783-3172 or solutions@rxtransparent.com