A Practical Use For The National Library Of Medicine


At the end of April 2017, the RXTransparent team will be releasing Generation 2 of our Healthcare Supply Chain Integrity DSCSA Compliance platform. Our customers have already told us that RXTransparent is the easiest to use compliance system in the industry, and part of the reason is the fact that the current Generation 1 platform utilizes our CorePharma™ drug data repository as a technical foundation.  So, when we re-imagined what ease of use enhancements the team could make in Generation 2 of the platform it was a big challenge. We have spent years perfecting CorePharma™ which includes the entire National Library of Medicine, the Orange book of drug therapeutic equivalents and the Purple Book of biosimilar equivalents. In Generation 1 of the RXTransparent platform we use CorePharma™ for background data integrity checks but in Generation 2 of the system we took up the challenge of making the system CLAIRVOYANT. The platform utilizes CorePharma™ to dynamically predict which drug product the system user is intending to reference by nearly instantaneously cross referencing the entire National Library of Medicine and filling in the corresponding drug product details (Description, Form, Strength, Package) without the technician having to worry about correct spelling or absolute accuracy. CorePharma keeps track of over 35,000 active drug products, is updated monthly, and is key to making sure RXTransparent will always be the easiest to use DSCSA Compliance product on the market.

See the Gen2 CorePharma™ Clairvoyant feature in action in the following video:


This is the first of several articles I will be posting about our upcoming Generation 2 launch of the RXTransparent platform. We will be hosting a webinar on April 26th at 2PM Eastern Time to highlight and demonstrate all the upcoming new capabilities of the system. If you are interested in attending the registration link is below:

By Dwight deVera CEO and Founder, RXTransparent