The Healthcare Supply Chain Podcast Series

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Expanding our Thought Leadership series into podcasts with focus into the healthcare supply chain industry.

Continuing  our webinar series, we strive to bring you current industry “hot topics,” while providing you the knowledge, tools and foresight to reduce expense budget items, increase pharmacy revenue and reduce risk of paying higher prices for drug shortages.

FDA’s Pilot: The Future of The Interoperable Drug Supply Chain on Blockchain with Dwight DeVera

In this episode, you’ll hear from industry expert on how blockchain is a possible solution for the drug supply chain. Dwight DeVera of RxTransparent shares about a new FDA pilot and some points for pharmacies to know about the Drug Supply Chain and Security Act.

EMSDC: In Business What Matters Most



Next up on the EMSDC Minority Business Enterprise Input Committee (MBEIC) Podcast, In Business: What Matters Most, join hosts Reshma Moorthy of Frontier Technologies, and Paul Douglas of The JPI Group as they sit down with Dwight deVera, Founder and CEO of RXTransparent. As the CEO of the nation’s leading platform for healthcare drug provenance, Dwight is focused on lowering the cost of healthcare delivery by reducing customer costs through allowing healthcare organization to put a finger on the pulse of their drug supply costs. Take a few minutes to hear about Dwight’s incredible success story and how he changed the face of the healthcare industry.

Rationalizing the Healthcare Supply Chain

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This episode was recorded during a recent webinar. In this episode, listen to  Dwight deVera, Founder and CEO at RxTransparent, and Andy Perry, CEO and Co-Founder at Curvo Labs discuss their partnership and how healthcare providers can benefit from their, and similar cooperation. Each of them talk about where the spend is in providing healthcare and how technologies developed for DSCSA can reduce those costs.

Excerpts from February 28 FDA Public Meeting

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On February 28, 2018 Dwight deVera, Founder and CEO of RxTransparent, and Dr. Scott Gottlieb, Commissioner of the FDA addressed the audience at a publicly-held meeting about the Drug Supply Chain Security Act. Instead of our usual interview format, this episode offers a replay of their speeches. Dr. Gottlieb spoke about the priority of the DSCSA at the FDA while Dwight covered what he sees as the priorities of dispensers and providers in relation to the DSCSA.

Drug Supply Chain (DSCSA) on Blockchain

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Join Dwight deVera and Bob Celeste from the Center For Supply Chain Studies, as they discuss utilizing blockchain technology for DSCSA.  Blockchain is one of the hottest topics in technology today, but understanding how the technology will apply in healthcare is still very limited.  This event provides a high-level overview of how blockchain will be applied within the US Drug Supply Chain, the possible configurations of Healthcare Supply Chains utilizing blockchain technology and how blockchain can serve as the foundation to enable new innovations in the Healthcare industry.

Bob Celeste and his team at The Center for Supply Chain Studies are currently conducting the following studies and welcome participants:

  • DSCSA & Blockchain 2
  • Blockchain for Cold Chain
  • Global Pharma Track & Trace

To learn more about these studies, please visit Bob’s website by clicking here 

The Center For Supply Chain Studies is a neutral, nonprofit exploration, and educational forum designed to assist the healthcare industry in its mission to improve efficiencies, increase productivity, and streamline compliance with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA).

The Internet of Things (IoT) and DSCSA

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In this episode, Dwight deVera and Jim Sabogal, Senior Director for Healthcare and Life Sciences at T-Systems, talk about the future of Healthcare from a perspective of the use of IoT (the Internet of Things) technology with DSCSA. IoT is exciting technology because all of its potential has not even been thought of yet. But there are already very compelling reasons to utilize this new technology in the drug supply chain, as they’ll point out during the friendly discussion. Listen in on their conversation about how IoT can improve the supply chain process and even save lives.

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