The Healthcare Supply Chain Podcast Series

offered through our Thought Leadership Initiative

Expanding our Thought Leadership series into podcasts with focus into the healthcare supply chain industry.

Continuing  our webinar series, we strive to bring you current industry “hot topics,” while providing you the knowledge, tools and foresight to reduce expense budget items, increase pharmacy revenue and reduce risk of paying higher prices for drug shortages.

Recorded Podcasts

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Drug Supply Chain (DSCSA) on Blockchain

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Join Dwight deVera and Bob Celeste from the Center For Supply Chain Studies, as they discuss utilizing blockchain technology for DSCSA.  Blockchain is one of the hottest topics in technology today, but understanding how the technology will apply in healthcare is still very limited.  This event provides a high-level overview of how blockchain will be applied within the US Drug Supply Chain, the possible configurations of Healthcare Supply Chains utilizing blockchain technology and how blockchain can serve as the foundation to enable new innovations in the Healthcare industry.

Bob Celeste and his team at The Center for Supply Chain Studies are currently conducting the following studies and welcome participants:

  • DSCSA & Blockchain 2
  • Blockchain for Cold Chain
  • Global Pharma Track & Trace

To learn more about these studies, please visit Bob’s website by clicking here 

The Center For Supply Chain Studies is a neutral, nonprofit exploration, and educational forum designed to assist the healthcare industry in its mission to improve efficiencies, increase productivity, and streamline compliance with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA).



Excerpts from FDA Public Meeting, February 2018

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Dwight deVera, Founder and CEO of RxTransparent, addressed the audience at a public meeting with Dr. Scott Gottlieb, Commissioner of the FDA. Unlike prior podcasts, this one is not an interview, but instead a replay of Dr. Gottlieb’s address to those in attendance as well as Dwight’s commentary regarding what he sees as the priorities of the dispensers and providers in relation to the Drug Supply Chain Security Act.



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