The current Opioid Epidemic is a terrible public health crisis that does not discriminate, affecting people of all walks of life.  I have personally spent decades as a pre-hospital provider in the suburbs of Philadelphia, treating patients that were young, old, rich, poor and often not what you expected.   The current societal response relating to bystander and emergency responder’s administration of Naloxone/Narcan to combat the epidemic is a last line of defense to treat the problem after the overdose, is ineffective at slowing the epidemic, and possibly providing a safety net.  The ability to get closer to the root of the problem, by analyzing controlled substances through supply chain data can be beneficial to healthcare providers.

As the founder of a data science and analytics company committed to protecting the Healthcare Supply Chain, my team and I set out to do what we can to use data transparency and analytics to identify potential problems before they become glaring issues; that could result in fines, incriminations, and ultimately hurt everyone involved.  When we looked at the data problem, we realized it is not an easy one to tackle.

We have come up with a way to help our customers easily identify and track controlled substances throughout their supply chain.  In our Analytics module, we can track controlled substances for health systems, down to the individual facility/ department, and specific quantities.    Having this information in real-time can provide insights into issues before they become potential problems.

Our Analytics module leverages our CoorPharma technology, which brings together all of the drug products categorized and tracked in the National Library of Medicine as well as all drug products approved by the FDA.  CoorPharma allows us to quickly and easily cross reference and aggregate supply chain transactions that can then be delivered in an easily digestible format for our customers.  Our pioneering analytics module enables our customers to access, dissect and consume the data using Excel and or any modern-day visualization technology.

The following is quick link to the video we put together highlighting the platforms:


At the end of July, we will be showcasing the solution in our monthly webinar on:

Deep Insights into Pharmacy Analytics


July 26,2017


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