Google Inspired Healthcare Apps and Block Chain Built In

Organizations like Google are defining what a modern day healthcare technology application experience should entail. The standard for traditional software engineering, originally developed in 1987, was called Common User Architecture, which was based on a rigid and strict set of rules about how applications should feel, act, and function.  Many of the legacy tenants of Common User Architecture have prevailed through the years for healthcare enterprise systems leading to a sub optimal user experience in today’s day and age.  This “Classic” experience prevails even on to mobile platforms where users touch the screen rather than use a mouse to point and click, and are especially prevalent in today’s large healthcare ERP platforms which are, “Epic” and tend to give you a headache and make you angry.

When the team at RXTransparent set out to build Generation 2 of their DSCSA Compliance platform, they utilized Google’s Material Design framework. This enhanced user experience is familiar to many sites that most people access every day including Gmail, and YouTube. Material Design enables us to create a consistent experience across all devices and is truly mobile first.  Material Design makes more liberal use of grid-based layouts, responsive animations and transitions, padding, and depth effects such as lighting and shadows. By making the move to material design, we are standardizing the expectations of the entire industry by making Healthcare Technology apps like Google.  If you would like to see our video, Gen 2 Material Design, please contact us.

Block Chain Built In

As a leader in the healthcare supply chain integrity and optimization solutions, RXTransparent has embraced blockchain by strategically integrating the technology into Generation 2. The ability to track and trace the chain-of-custody of any given drug is among the key drivers behind our motivation to adopt the use of blockchain. RXTransparent has implemented blockchain mechanisms for pedigree tracking and non-repudiation purposes making RXTransparent the first compliance software in the healthcare supply chain optimization space to do so.

Healthcare IT organizations across the nation consistently take a proactive stance towards security and data integrity. With the rise of cryptocurrencies and peer-to-peer payment mechanisms comes the introduction of blockchain. Blockchain technology is rightfully and quickly becoming a hot topic in the healthcare IT space. Given the sensitive nature of the data that healthcare IT systems persist, the promises of blockchain become incredibly compelling.

Material Design and Block Chain Built In is further proof that RXTransparent is the most technically advanced DSCSA Compliance Solution on the market. This is the second article in the series leading up to our upcoming Generation 2 release of the RXTransparent DSCSA Compliance platform.

We will be hosting a webinar on April 26th at 2PM Eastern Time to highlight and demonstrate all the upcoming new capabilities of the system. If you are interested in attending the registration link is below. 

By Dwight deVera CEO and Founder, RXTransparent