RXTransparent’s DSCSA Compliance platform is blockchain-enabled and allows healthcare providers to put a finger on the pulse of their drug supply chain. RXTransparent is committed to lowering the cost of healthcare delivery through better transparency of drug supply.

RXTransparent has been awarded contracts for the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) Compliance Solution with over 90% of the top Healthcare Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs). These contracts further solidify RXTransparent as an industry leader in DSCSA compliance and the supply chain solutions field. RXTransparent Compliance platform provides transparency and traceability throughout the entire drug supply chain from manufacturer to individual dose.

RXTransparent is a DSCSA solution that is cloud-based, highly secure, scalable and easy to use.


Data exists in a location in the cloud. No hardware maintenance is required and backup is automatic.

Highly secure

Data is as secure as your online banking transactions.


Appropriate for single facilities as well as large integrated health systems.

Easy to use

Developed side-by-side with actual pharmacy clinical practitioners.

Other advantages of RXTransparent are:

  • Functionally Complete:
    • Integration of accountability short and over shipments.
    • Borrow, trade, sell functionality (including different units of measure)
    • Serialized Resalable Returns functionality (ahead of the Regulatory Mandate)

RXTransparent is the easiest, most technologically advanced DSCSA compliance solution available.

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