Compliance Platform Help

Inmar – RXTransparent Rebranding is here! 

We recently shared the exciting news that Inmar has acquired RXTransparent.  As a result, RXTransparent has released a new and refreshed look!

This refresh will improve your RXTransparent experience with a more responsive interface, improved navigation, and a sleeker more intuitive appearance. The overall workflow and functionality of RXTransparent have not changed. 

We are in the process of updating the Inmar RXTransparent content and training videos, which should be available shortly. 

Help Segments:

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  • Incidents 
    • Ability to report suspect or damaged product and quantity errors
    • Status: open, under review or closed categories
  • View Invoices
    • Ability to check in received product
    • Can report incidents and correct quantities
  • View Pedigrees
    • Ability to view, print or email pedigree with T3 required information
  • Borrow / Create Pedigrees
    • Ability to report on products that are borrowed from other locations
    • Maintain pedigrees from a manufacturer who does not have EDI capabilities
  • Trade / Sell / Return
    • Update existing pedigree for trading, selling or returning a product
  • Reporting
    • Incident Summary
    • Loan Summary
    • Pedigree Summary / Details
    • Recently Viewed Pedigrees
  • First Responder Resupply Form
    • Create a transaction record for products resupplied to individual EMS/ FD
  • Administration
    • Destinations – add in owned hospital facilities, trading partners, EMS or update facility information
    • Edit Pedigrees – request to edit a pedigree, will email the RXT support team
    • User Management – shows the users on your account and the last log-in date/time stamped
    • Activity Log – shows the activities on your account, date/time stamped
    • My Account – request to change password, you will receive an email with a link to re-set password
    • Auto-Pilot – the ability to turn on/off the auto check-in process, ability to select the number of days (we suggest 3-4 days)