Compliance Platform Help

Help Segments:

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  • Incidents 
    • Ability to report suspect or damaged product and quantity errors
    • Status: open, under review or closed categories
  • View Invoices
    • Ability to check in received product
    • Can report incidents and correct quantities
  • View Pedigrees
    • Ability to view, print or email pedigree with T3 required information
  • Borrow / Manual Pedigrees
    • Ability to report on products that are borrowed from other locations
    • Maintain pedigrees from a manufacturer who does not have EDI capabilities
  • Trade / Sell / Return
    • Update existing pedigree for trading, selling or returning a product
  • Reporting
    • Incident Summary
    • Loan Summary
    • Pedigree Summary / Details
    • Recently Viewed Pedigrees
  • First Responder Resupply Form
    • Create a transaction record for products resupplied to individual EMS/ FD
  • Administration
    • Destinations – add in owned hospital facilities, trading partners, EMS or update facility information
    • Edit Pedigrees – request to edit a pedigree, will email the RXT support team
    • User Management – shows the users on your account and the last log-in date/time stamped
    • Activity Log – shows the activities on your account, date/time stamped
    • My Account – request to change password, you will receive an email with a link to re-set password
    • Auto-Pilot – the ability to turn on/off the auto check-in process, ability to select the number of days (we suggest 3-4 days)