How to Trade / Sell / Return:

  • Click on the Trade / Sell / Return button from the Homepage

  • Search for and select the applicable NDC

  • Click on the blue Add to Pedigree Button in the upper right hand corner

  • Review current information on the Trade / Sell / Return: Edit Pedigree page

  • Click on the blue Add to Pedigree button in the upper right hand corner


  • Please complete the following fields:

    •   Unit Quantity: amount of product leaving the pharmacy

    •   Destination: where the product is going to

    •   Transaction Date: date the action is taking place

    •   Repackage Description: use only if pharmacy is repackaging product

    •   Repackage Quantity: use only if quantity is different from Unit Quantity

    •   Shipment Date: date product ships

    •   Comments

    •   Type: Choose either Loan, Sale or Return

  •   Click blue Save button

The blue Add Serial Number button will be available when Serialization goes into effect.

  • Verify the new pedigree addition appears as the most recent Transaction:

  • Click on the green View Pedigree button

  • Review the updated T3 information

    • Print pedigree to send with product

    • Email shipping notification to receiver

For additional platform support, please call

646-783-3172  or email