How to View Reports:

  • Click on the Reporting button on the homepage.

  • Reports Home Screen:

  • Incident Summary – allows you to see summary and details of incidents

  • Loan Summary – allows you to see what was loaned out and borrowed

  • Pedigree Summary / Details – allows you to see pedigrees summary or detailed T3 via searchable fields

  • Recently Viewed Pedigrees – allows you to see what pedigrees were recently viewed

  • Incident Report Tools:


  • Loan Summary Report Tools:



  • Pedigree Summary / Details Report:

  • Toggle for T3 / Details:


  • Ability to produce multi- pedigree report based on:

    • Lot #

    • NDC

    • Date Range

    • Destination

    • Unit Quantity

For additional platform support, please call

646-783-3172  or email