How to View Pedigrees:

  • Click on the View Pedigrees button on the homepage.

  • Sort by:

    • Lot Number

    • NDC

    • Shipment Date

    • Destination

    • Unit Quantity

  • Click on applicable Pedigree to view T3 information




  • Click on the green View Invoice button to view original invoice

  • Click on the gray Return to Recently Viewed Pedigree to return to Pedigree page

If selected Pedigree was created manually, click on the green View Manual Pedigree Receipt button to view Manual Pedigree page

  • Click the blue View Pedigree button to return to pedigree’s T3 information page

  • Click blue Print button to print T3 information

  • Click on blue Send Pedigree button to Email pedigree information

To return to the manual pedigree click Return to Manual Pedigree Receipt button and then click Return to Manual Pedigrees button.  This page shows all pedigrees that have been manually created.

  • Click on green View Pedigrees button to return to original Pedigree list page or click on green Recently Viewed Pedigrees button to view all recent views

Click the green View Pedigrees Summary button to view the Pedigree Summary / Details page.  On that page, toggle the Details button in the upper right hand corner to change the page view to display all of the summary details.

  • Click Print to print a copy of all pedigrees

For additional platform support, please call

646-783-3172  or email