How to Borrow/ Manual Pedigree:

  • Click on the Borrow / Manual Pedigree button on the homepage.

  • Click on blue Add Manual Pedigree button

To Create a new manual record:

  • Input NDC or Product name

  • On the Input NDC Window, complete the following:

    • Lot Number

    • Expiration Date

    • Shipment Date

    • Unit Quantity

    • Quantity Received

    • Transaction Date

    • Location (can type in or if added as a trading partner, in drop-down)

    • Choose Destination product is coming into

    • Add in any comments

    • Scan image of transfer sheet

    • Click on blue paperclip to upload image

    • Click Save button

The page will reload to show the newly created pedigree

  • Click on the blue View Pedigree button to view the T3 information

  • Click on the gray “Return To Manual Pedigree Receipt” button to return to the Pedigree

  • Click on the gray “Return to Manual Pedigrees” button to return to the original list of pedigrees

The newly created pedigree will be at the top of the Pedigree page.

For additional platform support, please call

646-783-3172  or email