How to Navigate Administration:

  • Click on right summary navigation for access

  • Admin Home Screen

  • Destinations:

To add a destination:

  • Click on blue add destination button

  • Fill in fields
  • For type:
    • Hospital Facility = owned entity / in-network
    • Trading Partner = out of network
  • Edit Pedigree:

We ask if you wish to edit a pedigree, please comment the reason and send to us.  RXTransparent stands behind the pedigree’s integrity, if a valid reason, RXTransparent will change the pedigree on the back-end of the data.

  • User Management:

This feature shows your platform users, with their last login date and time stamped.  To add a new user, may result in additional fees, please contact RXTransparent or review your RXTransparent contract for number of users.

  • Activity Log:

This log shows your platform activities, listed by user, topic and date/time stamped.

  • My Account:

To change your password, you will receive an email with the link to complete password change.

  • Auto-Pilot:

The Auto-pilot feature allows your product to be automatically check-in.  When you turn this feature on, you determine the number of days for the system to wait before receiving your product in.  RXTransparent recommends 3-4 days to allow for any incidents to be reported.

For additional platform support, please call

646-783-3172  or email