This fall, there were roughly 1,000 National Drug Codes (NDCs) that were classified as short in the market before the last hurricane.  Once the hurricane force winds stopped blowing, there are now over 2,000 NDCs considered short in the market, but the supply chain information about drug shortages and drug recalls seems to be haphazard at best.  To alleviate this strain, the team at RXTransparent is proud to announce the industry’s first use of the Alexa Natural Language Experience to raise visibility around surrounding US drug shortages and US drug recalls.   If you have access to any Alexa ask it:


“Alexa ask RXTransarent about drug shortages”   to get the latest drug shortages,  or:

“Alexa ask RXTransparent about drug recalls”   to get the latest US drug recalls.

RXTransparent is committed to helping our customers put a finger on the pulse of their drug supply chains through supply chain security (DSCSA), cost management, and better inventory management of drug supply, Virtual Perpetual Inventory (VPI).    If you are attending the ASHP mid-year conference this year, come visit us at the show and if you have trouble locating us you should tell Alexa to:

“Ask RXTransparent about ASHP”


To view Alexa talking about RXTransparent, please visit:

Visit us at ASHP

December 4th – 6th 2017

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