This week, I will be one of the industry panelist speaking about BlockChain in healthcare at the IVY FON Healthcare Conference in New York City, hosted by Cooley Law.

During this discussion, the panel will provide a high-level overview of blockchain technology and dive deep into its applicability in healthcare. From an RXTransparent perspective, we will review how we are utilizing blockchain to secure the drug supply chain under DSCSA.   Specifically, addressing how we are utilizing blockchain immutability to create transaction permanence and utilizing hashing and the consensus algorithm for data providence and security. The recent industry evaluation by regulators, like the FDA, has brought the topic of utilizing blockchain to securely process millions of daily supply chain transaction in healthcare to the forefront, and the FDA will be hosting a two-day meeting on future drug supply chain data standards including Blockchain in early December.


This week’s event is limited to members and invited guests but at the end of November as part of our monthly webinar series, we will be hosting a similar discussion with Bob Celeste from the Center For Supply Chain Research.  The details about this month’s BlockChain webinar are listed below:


Drug Supply Chain on Blockchain

November 29, 2017

2 PM Eastern Time