Hundreds of articles have been written about how blockchain will revolutionize supply chains and more specifically the pharmaceutical drug industry in the US.  This is not one of those articles.  The technical challenge of creating an interoperable system that ensures the security and integrity of the US Drug Supply chain is a daunting endeavor, one that has even been recognized in a recent speech at an industry meeting by the commissioner of the FDA.

The heart of the interoperable and secure US drug supply chain involves both business and technical challenges.   From a technical perspective the nature and volume of drug shipments in America between hundreds of thousands of counter-parties and across an estimated four billion annual industry transactions.   From a business operations perspective ensuring and guaranteeing data providence is necessary to enable industry participation from the life sciences and healthcare industries.  Many people believe blockchain technology will be the silver bullet that resolves these challenges.

At the end of March, RXTransparent will be unveiling some of the blockchain work we have been doing in conjunction with Systech and Center for Supply Chain studies during our monthly webinar series. This webinar will attempt to address the poignant questions in the industry surrounding how blockchain may be the answer to the interoperable system, as well as data governance, data privacy, scalability, and discussing limitations of blockchain as a technology for the supply chain.

Join Dwight deVera, President & CEO at RXTransparent and Joe Lipari, Director of Cloud Products at Systech, for an informative webinar presentation. Attendees of this webinar will:

  • Gain an understanding of blockchain technology
  • See how the pharmaceutical blockchain can support healthcare’s interoperable supply chain
  • Review a real-world approach that defines the pharmaceutical blockchain for healthcare

Webinar Details

March 29, 2018

11 A.M. Eastern Time