#ASHP16 Retrospective

First and foremost, on behalf of The Forerunner Group and RXTranparent organizations, I want to express our gratitude to the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists for organizing the #ASHP16 Mid-Year conference. It was a genuinely remarkable event and incredibly refreshing to be able to share in the enthusiasm and positive spirit that can only come from bringing the world’s foremost health professionals from across the nation to Las Vegas. Having said that, curiously, the town was also overrun with cowboys from another event which only amplified the unique atmosphere that only Vegas can create!

As a healthcare technology startup, #ASHP16 offered a unique opportunity for our team to foster relationships with many of our customers. RXTransparent is the only DSCSA compliance and supply chain optimization platform that caters to the healthcare provider’s ever-changing needs. We realized early on that #ASHP16 was going to be the ideal venue for our team to meet with some of our current and prospective customers for the first time. The very nature of our business, being primarily an online presence, creates unique sales challenges with customer engagement activities. Setting up meetings with healthcare professionals who are dedicated to managing their day-to-day operations can be difficult. Many healthcare systems become our customers after having only met us over the internet. The Mid-Year meeting was a perfect opportunity that allowed us to meet with our customers, distributor partners, pharmaceutical manufacturer partners, and GPO partners.

Industry Trends

#ASHP16 was also an opportunity for us to validate many of the industry trends that surface repeatedly as it relates to DSCSA Compliance:

From ‘Borrow and Trade’ to ‘All Sales Are Final’

In our discussions with dispensers throughout the U.S., one of the hot-button topics that is commonly discussed is DSCSA compliance and borrow and trade practices. In general, we have seen a decrease in this practice but a new novel approach is beginning to take hold which we will start colloquially calling, “All Sales Are Final”. A replacement to the practice could be a sale of the drug product between organizations (dispensers) without return a few days later. This practice seems like a natural evolution of borrow and trade and the RXTransparent compliance platform is already capable of providing the drug pedigrees along with the salable transaction.

Exposing the DSCSA Compliance’s dirty little technology secret and the need for EPCIS

Securing the drug supply chain is currently a mixed bag of technologies.  One of the key technologies today is EDI, a data interchange format developed in the 60s prior to the invention of the internet.  At the venue, we were given the opportunity to sit down with some of the industry’s most respected leaders in DSCSA to do some brainstorming as to how to get from where we are as an industry today to full interoperability by 2023. The general consensus of the group was that there is a lot more to do from a process and technology perspective to innovate and, in all likelihood, abandon EDI from the feasibility perspective. In the next few months, we expect to be announcing a trial using EPCIS, an emerging industry standard, to deal with future DSCSA interoperability challenges.

Building Bridges Between DSCSA Compliance Platforms and Pharmacy Inventory Management Systems

It makes complete sense for DSCSA platforms to partner and integrate with vendor-pharmacy perpetual inventory platforms. Our customers can find comfort in knowing that within a few short months we will be announcing integration initiatives between RXTransparent and major inventory management solutions.

Webinar Registration

All of these insights will be reflected in our 2017 professional development webinar “Moving Pharmacy From The Basement to The Boardroom” which you can register on our site at: