Analytics Module

Pharmaceutical data analysis can improve overall patient safety and avoid price increases. This intelligence can provide substantial ROI for the facility or health system.  

RXTransparent Analytics module saves you money and time


  • Shipment Analysis
  • Early Warning System for Drug Shortages
  • Active Notifications of Drug Recalls
  • Shortage Analysis
  • Controlled Substance Analytics




Shipment Analysis


  • Gain insight into pharmaceutical purchases from DSCSA data.
    • What was bought?
    • Who was it bought from?
    • When was it bought?
    • How many were bought?
    • Where was it dispensed?

Early Warning for Drug Shortages


  • Addressing drug shortages specifically impacting your hospitals
  • Real time notification built into the RXTransparent app.

Active Notifications of Recalls


  • Actively notified if Drug Recall occurs, cross-reference shipment data, if relevant, notified via email
  • All Drug Recalls listed in RXTransparent compliance app. if subscribed to Analytics
  • ONLY get Drug Recalls

Shortage Analytics


  • Drug Shortages provided via the RXTransparent Compliance app or Worksheet
    • Predictive model is actionable
    • Taking into consideration past Pharmacy purchases and Corpharma, along with the shortage data, the algorithm predicts which products and/or components have a propensity to be short and produces an insightful and actionable index.

Controlled Substance Analytics


  • Tracks Schedule 2 – 5 Controlled Substance
    • ordering
      • trends and spikes
RXTransparent Analytics is fast, extensible and timely!
  • Data transparency based on transaction history in a virtual private database
  • Aggregates data and enables  excel based pivot tables, which allows user to analyze data and drill into transaction details
  • Allows user to create customizable reports, compatible with any dashboard interface
  • CorPharma™ is the data repository linking drug information from the FDA and the National Library of Medicine

National Library of Medicine Built In


FDA approved drug

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