The Leadership Team

Dwight deVera

CEO - President

Mr. deVera is the visionary for RXTransparent as well as an industry expert.  Innovation and analytics are the pillars that guide the RXTransparent strategy which continue to expand under his leadership.   He was previously Senior Vice President of North American Operations for arcplan Inc., a German analytics and planning software company. Recognized nationally as an expert in analytics and most recently in healthcare, he has received many healthcare and technology industry awards and accolades, and his work has also been featured in Forbes magazine.  Mr. deVera has had the honor of speaking at Oracle multiple times.  Dwight often participates in DSCSA and Block Chain technology panels. Furthermore, Dwight has over 20 years as a clinician and leader in emergency services.

Patrick Doyle

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Doyle is responsible for overseeing the operations and growth initiatives for the organization.  With over 30 years of leadership experience in the healthcare industry, Patrick has extensive expertise in building strategic customer relationships, and his passion for customer success is the foundation of the company culture.  Patrick’s strong foundation began at the University of Pennsylvania Health System as a clinical technician.   Prior to working with RXTransparent, Mr. Doyle was a senior executive for a leading healthcare organization in the metropolitan Philadelphia area, he held multiple roles within the organization before assuming the role of COO.  He led the organization through many negotiations where his expertise in purchasing and supply chain reaped efficiency and effectiveness.   Patrick also serves on the board of directors for numerous non-profit civic organizations and is a member of the Rotary Club International.

Pam Forster

V.P. of Sales and GPO Relations

Ms. Forster brings over 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry as a leader, provider and educator (American Red Cross) at the local, state and federal levels. Ms. Forster has been an emergency responder for almost 30 years, responding to local and national disasters. Ms. Forster has shared her extensive experience with local and national audiences on disaster responses. Pam brings a wealth of business knowledge in many different roles.  As V.P. of Sales, Pam is responsible for overseeing the Sales division.  Additionally, Pam is responsible for maintaining GPO (Group Purchasing Organization) Relations.  Pam has been a dedicated volunteer in her community serving in many different roles, currently as the Treasurer of her local volunteer fire house.  Ms. Forster has participated in multiple faith-based missions’ trips and hopes to continue.

Randolph Cabral

V.P. of Engineering

Mr. Cabral brings more than 20 years of hands-on experience in building and engineering software solutions across a wide variety of industries. As VP of Engineering, Mr. Cabral oversees the architecture and implementation of all operational aspects of RXTransparent’s core products and solutions including design and development of its supporting systems. Most recently, Mr. Cabral served as Principal Architect at COMPAS Technologies, a SaaS startup in San Francisco, where he was responsible for architecting and migrating product and engineering to a modern technology platform. In addition, Mr. Cabral has successfully delivered countless critical solutions for many of the Silicon Valley’s most forward-thinking companies including Genentech, PayPal, and eBay.


“I put my team’s needs before mine. By giving people the freedom and resources to do what they need to do, and by creating an environment where they can succeed, we all get to a better place as an organization.” 

–Dwight deVera, CEO

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